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The Best of Internet Home Pages!

I'm sorry, but due to the time it takes to review submitted web sites, this page has been deactivated. The pages listed will remain, but I will no longer be adding web sites.

  • CorrectSearch(by Burhan)
    CorrectSearch is one of the fastest growing search engine providing relevant search results. Find better search results from the Web, Yellow Pages and White Pages quickly and easily! Subscribe our newsletter to learn about, search engine, search engine placement, ranking and link popularity. Webmaster resource
  • THE Experience (by Ethan)
    A quick ride down the banal canal.
  • Number8Gurls Web Site (by Stephanie)
    Nascar and more.
  • *Amita's Site* (by Amy)
    Pictures, 411, Shout Outs, Funnies, Cliques, MORE
  • DVDA Inc. (by Ryan Zulaski)
    Nice amateur film director's page. Check it out.
  • Chef Bill's Cajun Country (by Bill Luker)
    Cajun music, recipes, classic cars, musicians and cooking resources.
  • MaggieDe's Gifs (by Maggie)
    Gifs, Animated Gifs, Backgrounds. Find Music Gifs, Religious, Oriental, Sports, Afro-American, Kids, Animal, Eyes, Bullets, Bars, Celestial Gifs, Flower Gifs and much more.
  • Monkey_830 Home (by Tom Norris)
    Excellent!! My own personal web-page. Contains various items about myself, plus some of the creative stuff I do now and again (3d art in Terragen, screenshots, writing, etc.).
  • Video Game World (by Dave)
    Very Professional. Like Video Games? Well come here and Look At our cool things and Talk on Our Message Board
  • :: Gorilla Squadrun :: (by Michael)
    Skateboard haven! See the guys doing their stuff! Great page.
  • Vijay's Personal Page (by C.Vijaykumar)
    Web site all about Vijay.
  • Justin's dbz place (by Justin)
    Excellent dbz site, well made. Keep up the good work Justin.
  • Lady Darkness' Sakaba (by Lucrezia Valentine)
    Nicely made web site. Archive.
  • EXR(by Elwin)
    BMX to the eXtreme!
  • SpinYourOwnWeb. (by Lewis Cooper)
    Web site design and construction for beginners.
  • Roach Motel. (by Richard Dodds)
    A site dedicated to papa roach! you can find lyrics pictures , reviews , fans artwork and much more.
  • Da Ramones (by drew)
    Ramones - News, Lyrics, Pix, Downlaods, About, Forums, and Guestbooks!
  • (by Cyril Darlong)
    A site for Nirvana fans. Lyrics, album covers, photos, and more.
  • Super Troupers Galaxy. (by Steph*Anie)
  • Killing Heidi. (by Michelle)
    Killing Heidi fan site updated often, with lots of pictures, news, profiles, artwork, lyrics, and more.
  • Full Moon. (by Darren)
    Poetry, photography, insane ramblings.
  • Crossdown. (by Crossdown)
    Local hard rock band from Greenville, NC. Includes show information, photos, biography, and links. Excellent.
  • Forrest's Fantasy Page. (by Forrest Tyler Harmon)
    Excellent web site with original stories, art work, and Playstation game tips. Good work!
  • Lawson and Humphries Site Animations. (by Kevin and Cindy)
    This page from our site contains Animations I have made with the help from Cindy. All are free to use.
  • The Cory Bogner Experience. (by Cory Bogner)
    A look into the life of Mr. Bogner. Interesting opinion pages, and a link to the TERRY's KID (Toledo-based Punk band) homepage.
  • Smartie's Site (by Smartie)
    Beautiful poetry and more. Excellent page, Smartie.
  • (by Cyril Darlong)
    A must visit homepage. ... enjoy paint, cricket, music, lyrics, poems, quotes, jokes, cars, quiz, tongue-twisters, html, cheats, and much more. Great job Cyril.
  • Prehistoric Planet. (submitted by Denise Campagna)
    Dinosaurs galore! Excellent resource for everything prehistoric.
  • The Litterbox (by Gail)
    A true cat lover's page. Great page.
  • Obermeyer Home Page. (by Bruce Obermeyer)
    Family information web site.
  • LoadItFree. (by Pip)
    Plenty of downloadable PC game demos.
  • Colby's Web Site. (by Colby Jordan)
    Very broad, interesting, and enriched site. Covers a lot.
  • MIDI Town USA. (by Joe)
    This site has tons of midis by the best singers. You can easily find songs by Blink 182, Papa Roach, Rage Against the Machine, Radio Head, and much more!
  • Super Saiyen Dragon Balls. (by Mason)
    Site for Dragon Ball Z fans.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Shrine. (by Funkybassplayer)
    A real treat for fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lots of audio and visual effects as well as plenty of content. Good work!
  • The Cagadact. (by Lindsey)
    This is the Cagadacts site. Cagadacts are creatures you can breed, enter in shows, races, and more, all in a webpage. You adopt an individual creature; no one may own the same cagadact.
  • The Code Page. (by Mark G.)
    Website dedicated to various cheat codes on a variety of platforms. Excellent page, loads of visual goodies.
  • International Directory. (by Pedryk Basri)
    Get information about top search engine links, site tool (free button, graphics, clipart, popup windows II, color codes/mames) free Lotto tickets, post & promote your site for free at Community (Adv), financial & world currency calculator, and more!
  • MUSIQ. (by Tim Roberts)
    Web site with a variety of music, album reviews, games, and more.
  • The Reginald Cyntje Group. (by Reginald Cyntje)
    Jazz band homepage.
  • Jim Doyle's Home Page. (by Jim Doyle)
    Web site about Special Relativity and the computer game 'A Bard's Tale'.
  • Cheryl's Site (by Cheryl Cataldo)
    Here's one for the Kevin Costner fans.
  • Sonic's Homepage. (by Sonic)
    Ted Nugent, Copper CB, Bogus Auction, and more.

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