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If you are just beginning and have not read the "Introduction to Tags" please go HERE to begin.

All HTML documents will contain a few simple commands. These commands will relay information about the document to the browser. The commands are:


    All page commands and text go here

The first command <HTML> tells the browser that the document is in HTML format. The next command <HEAD> is the document heading. Anything contained in the heading will not be displayed on the page. Notice that the <TITLE> command is contained in the HEAD command. This must be placed in the heading in order for your title to be displayed in the title bar at the top of the browser window. Other commands that go inside the heading is <META>( which we will discuss later on), many JavaScripts, <http-equiv>, and more.

The <BODY> command contains all of the information and commands that will be displayed as a web page. Everything you want to be available for viewing from your web page will go inside the body commands.

Lastly, </BODY> and </HTML> is the last thing on the document. Nothing should go beneath these two commands, it is the end of your document.

Learn and remember these few commands. You will use them in every web page you write. Now that you know the bare bones of a web page, You are ready to start adding text, images, color, and much more. Continue with "Adding Color" or "Adding Images" link to the left.

<body> attributes and values:
link=[color|hex] Specifies the link color throughout the page.
text=[color|hex] Specifies the text color throughout the page.
alink=[color|hex] Specifies the active link color throughout the page.
vlink=[color|hex] Specifies the visited link color throughout the page.
marginheight=[px] Specifies the margin at the top and bottom of the page in pixels
marginwidth=[px] Specifies the left and right margins of the page in pixels.

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