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Adding Images

To add an image to your page, you will need to have the image in your directory and uploaded to the server where your page is stored. Although you do not need to have the image in the same directory, for beginners it is easier to "call" the image if it is in the same directory as the page.

You can call to your page images from: the same directory on your server, another directory in your domain, and from any URL outside your server domain.

Calling an Image from the Same Directory

<img src="yourimage.gif">

It is a good idea to specify the height and width of the images:
<img src="yourimage.gif" height="px" width="px">

Note: "px" is the pixel size of the image. You must specify the value as an integer.

Calling an Image from Another Directory

You can call the images from another directory on your computer. Note: You must have the same directory structure on the server and the image must be in the directory specified. Otherwise the image will appear broken.

For a lower directory:
<a href="directory/yourimage.gif">
For a higher directory:
<a href="../directory/yourimage.gif">

Calling an Image from another URL

Be sure when calling an image from a URL from outside your domain that you have permission to use the image.

<a href="">

IMG SRC attributes and values are: (Used inside the <img src> command.
width=[px] Width of the image in pixels
height=[px] Height of the image in pixels
border=[px] Border size in pixels. Set to 0 for no border.
bordercolor=[color|hex] Border color in either color name or hexidecimal code
alt="text" Alternative text. This is the text that will be displayed behind the image while it is loading.
lowsrc="image.gif"] Specifies an image to display while normal image is loading. This image is usually a smaller file size version of the normal image.
hspace=[px] Specifies the amount of horizonal space (top and bottom) between images and text. In pixels.
vspace=[px] Specifies the amount of vertical space (left and right) between images and text. In pixels.
Aligns the text at respective image point.

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