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Adding Color

Background Color

Color can be added to the background of your page, to the text, or to table backgrounds. Color is added by specifying a value to an attribute of a command. Don't panic, it is really simple.

For example, color is added to the background by adding the color attribute to the <BODY> command:

<body bgcolor="#000000">

This color value will make the background of the web page black. The #000000 is the RGB value for the color black. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize all of the hexidecimal numbers, click Here for a small chart of RGB values. You can also specify a color by the color name:

<body bgcolor="black">

If you are using one of the basic colors, it may be easier for you to use the color name instead of the RGB value.

Text Color

You can change the default document color in the <body> command. Changing the default color of text will effect the entire web page text, not just individual letters, words, or paragraphs.

For example:

<body bgcolor="blue" text="red">

This code will make the background of the web page blue and all of the text red. (not a good color combination!)

To change individual letters, words, or paragraphcs, you add the color attribute to the <font> command. This subject is also covered in Text Format. But since it does include a color I will mention it here.

For example:

<font color="#FF00FF">Text Color</font>
Text Color

You can also specify the value by color name and to individual letters:

<font color="blue">C</font><font color="red">o</font><font color="purple">l</font><font color="yellow">o</font><font color="green">r</font>

Be sure to end each font command where you want the color to end. Otherwise all text from the point of insertion will be the color value specified.

Table Background Color

The table background color is specified in the <table> command. (Read more about color attribute of tables in "Tables.") Just as the background of the entire web page can be specified, so can each individual table:

For example:

<table bgcolor="#000000">

This command will make the table background black. You can specify either RGB values or color name. You can also change the color of an individual row or cell of a table.

For example:

For table background and border color:
<table bgcolor="blue" bordercolor="red">
For a table row only:
<tr bgcolor="yellow">
For a table cell only:
<td bgcolor="green">

The table border color is used only in the <table> command.

Now that you have the knowlege of colors you can get wild, get crazy, and go color mad!!!

Now on to something completly different......

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