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The meta command is used in the heading of the page between the <head> and </head> commands. The commands will not display anything on the page, they are mainly used by search engines and to place information about the page, the author, copyrights, and so on. They can be very useful when promoting your page.

The meta command has two attributes:

<meta name="name" content="contents">
<meta http-equiv="name" content="contents">

Values and usage of NAME:

name="value" content="value" usage
keywords keywords relevant to the page
separte words by a comma (,)
Used by search engines to index the page
description detailed description of the page Used by search engines to place the description with the index.
author Name -author's name Used to identify the author of the page
generator Wordpad|Netscape Composer|Notepad|Name of application used to generate the document Identifies the generating application
copyright Copyright © year - author/company Identifies page's copyright information
rating adult|kids|general|other rating Identifies the rating of the page
robots all|noindex|page to index Controls the pages indexed by search engines
distribution global|region Information on the distribution of the page
revisit # of days|weeks Controls the time robots revisit the page for update information

Values and usage of HTTP-EQUIV:

http-equiv= content= Usage
expires expiration date Used for time sensitive material
>Content-Type text/html; charset=ISO-2022-JP Sets the type of page content
Content-Script-Type text/javascript|script type Sets the default type of script the page uses
Content-Style-Type text/css|style type Sets the default type of style used
Refresh 5;url= Refreshes the page. "5" is the seconds to wait before refreshing, "url=" the page to load during the refresh.
Window-target _top Used to stop the page from being loaded into a frame

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