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Background Colors and Images

Adding a background color or image to your page is specified in the <body> command. IE..

<body bgcolor="#000000">

The above code will make the background of the page black. You can use either the color name or the RGB value.

<BODY BACKGROUND="filename.gif">

The above code adds a background image for your page, it replaces or succeeds the BGCOLOR in the <BODY> tag. You do NOT specify the height and width of your background image in the tag. You can use both a background image and a background color, but the background image will override the color once the image is loaded in the browser. It is best to keep the size of your background image small to keep the page load time quick. Remember if someone has to wait for your page to load, most likely he/she will leave your site before seeing your content.

I have had a lot of requests for the code for a fixed or 'unmoving' background. In order to make your background fixed, you will need to add an attribute to the <body> command:

<BODY BACKGROUND="filename.gif" BGPROPERTIES="fixed">

This attribute only works in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Netscape (for those of you who still use it) does not recognize the code and will ignore the attribute.

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