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Adding links

The <A HREF=" "> tag is used to link any website, page, graphic,, and target from one page. This is very handy when you have several files you want on one site. The counter part tag </A> is necessary, otherwise, the entire remainder of your page will link to the site referenced!

<A HREF="filename.html">Title of page</A>

Use the above format to link other pages within your own site.

<A HREF="">Title of site</A>

Use the above format to link other web sites on the 'net. Be sure to type the domain name, directory, and filename as it appears in your bookmarks using the http://

<A HREF="filename.gif">Name of Image</A>

Use the above format to link directly to an image.


Placing a link to your e-maill address is similar to making a page link:

<A HREF="">E-mail Me</A>

Would you like the subject line already filled in when the link is clicked? Here's how to do it:

<A HREF=" Subject">E-mail Me</a>

The body of the e-mail can also be filled in through your link:

<A HREF=" Subject&body=Your Message">E-mail Me</a>


To target a link within the page you will need to use a targeted link. First you will need to define the target:

<A NAME="name"></A>

Notice that there is not text between the <a name> and </a>. It is not necessary in targets. This code is not the link, this is where the visitor will go when the link is clicked. Now for the link:

<A HREF="page.htm#name">The link</A>

Notice that the link now has a pound sign (#) and the name of the target. The page.htm should be the name of the page that contains the target. You can call any page with a target as so:

<A HREF="anotherpage.htm#targetname">The link</A>

And other URLs:

<A HREF="">The link</A>

Targets are also used in calling pages into a frame:

<A HREF="page.htm" target="windowname">The link</A>

In this example, the target is not preceeded by a pound sign (#). The target is referred to as an attribute of the link. Other default targets are:

target="_top" Breaks frames, targets the upper most top of the current window.
target="_new" Targets a new winodw. The linked page will be opened in a new browser window.
target="_self" Targets the link into the same window.
target="_blank" Loads the page into a new window that is not named.
target="_parent" Loads the linked page into the immediate parent of the current window

Link Titles

In Internet Explorer 4.0+ and Netscape 7.0+ you can add a "Pop Up" tip in links that is similar to the alt text in images:

<a href="yourpage.html" title="Discription of linked page">Linked Page Title</a>

Will produce:

Blank Page

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