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About the Author

I am continually getting comments and questions that contain the phrase "you guys", so I thought it might be helpful to add a little bit about myself and my website.

About the site:
I own and operate HTML Help Online alone. I am just like you ... well some of you :) ... I created HTML Help Online as a personal reference site for my own use, but as the popularity grew with my visitors, I began gearing the content toward you. I learned through trial and error, testing and retesting, and I know how frustrating learning HTML can be (The endless hours of searching through thousands of search engine listings for some small sniplet of code.). So, I designed this site to be easily read, quickly navigated, and as complete as my knowledge makes possible. I dedicated myself to sharing what I know to anyone with the desire to create and maintain a quality website.

About myself:
I am 41 (as of July 15, 2003), mother of 5, grandmother of 4. (Strange learning techie stuff from a grandma, huh!) I work at Walmart on Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas as Department Manager of Domestics. I attended college at South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado, Arkansas earning an AAS in General Business Administration and an AAS in Computer Information Systems, and I now reside in Hot Springs.

My husband, Ed, and I explore the mountains during the warm months to find places such as the ones in the slideshow. We have discovered many places along the road, but many, many more off the beaten path and blazing trails.

Many of the landscape photos I have taken are on Myspace which is my personal play page (I'm an app addict!). I love to take landscape photos (not professionally) of the surrounding area of Central Arkansas. I will be taking many new photos this spring and summer and would really love for anyone to leave comments on them.

I also love camping, hiking, fishing, and boating. We are usually at Cedar Fourche recreation area on Lake Ouachita when we go camping and/or fishing. It is our favorite spot.